Name: Shanhong Lu
Title: M.D. Ph.D. Owner and Executive Director
Company Names: Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine and Orenda International

Business Specialty:
Dr. Shanhong Lu walks her talk and strongly believes in proactive approach to modern life challenges. 80-90% illnesses people suffer are strongly associated with chronic stress, environmental pollution and unhealthy life style choices. Dr. Lu is passionate about educating people and empowering them to awaken the doctors within. Dr. Lu is known for her thoroughness and her willingness to listen to her patients. As an internist with strong background in her graduate study in human physiology and genetics of hypertension, she is an excellent diagnostician. Finding the root causes of issues, not just bandaging disease symptoms has been one of her strongest expertise. “Detox, Feed, Improving Neuroendocrine communications, Regenerate and Replace Key Life Enhancing Hormones” have been five basic steps she offers and teaches in her practice. Dr. Lu also believe in creating abundance, not only in health, but also in prosperity for people of all walks of lives. She strongly believes in the power of personal responsibility. She loves to create and support sustainable business models that are in alignment with the health of our earth as well as the health of people generations after generations.

Professional License/Certificates:
• Certifications by American Internal Medicine Board and by American Board of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine
• Member of American College For Advancement in Medicine
• Certified Rhythmic Bio identical Hormone Replacement Practitioner
• Licensed Physician in California

• M.D. From Beijing Medical University
• Ph.D. From Medical College of Wisconsin
• Postdoctoral Fellowship from University of California San Francisco
• Residency in Internal Medicine at Alameda County Medical Center, California

• Merck Young Investigator Award

Civic/Profession Associations:
• American Anti Aging Association
• American College For Advancement in Medicine
• Institute For Integrative Medicine

Mother – Fusheng Gu MD cardiologist
Partner – Sean C Doyle

Goals/Five Year Plan:
Continue to practice medicine with compassion and focus on true prevention of decay and unhealthy aging.
Strive to be one of the best in helping as many people as possible in regaining the joy, control and quality of their lives.

Create excellence and synergy in leadership development for a better health and economic future for my huge and expanding team.

Have Overflowing Time and Financial Freedom.

Distinguish your company from others:
Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine operates on its heart-centered and love-guided mission: “Empower you to awaken the doctor within”. Never give up Hope and absolute total healing within.

Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine strives for excellence in providing compassionate and affordable service for anyone who is willing to invest in his or her own health.

Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine shall never cease to be a student for more knowledge and understanding the art of healing (physically, emotionally and energetically).

Mount Shasta Integrative Medicine shall be global and will be reaching as many people as possible by her earnest in team building and collaboration with the top health care professionals around the world.

As owner of Mt. Shasta Integrative medicine, I also strongly believe in “giving back to our local and global community”.

Advice for future professionals in your industry:
No matter what you choose to do with your skills and knowledge, think about “sustainability” and have a bigger vision about its future and bigger influence on the individual, community, our society and the earth itself. Believe in yourself and have a clear vision on what you want and spend time with people you love. Spend time with yourself and have fun and enjoy. Live life everyday as if there is no tomorrow. Do not be afraid of change. Remember what is truly alive is always changing.

Travel, road cycling, Nordic and back country skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking and swimming, tasting delicious food.