“Just a quick note to let you know how thankful I am for all you have done for my improved health. I have never had a doctor in my 67 years that actually took the time to help me improve my health. I know my case was one of real challenges due to the extent of my medical history. The way you took my lab reports, explained and then prescribed natural supplements to bring my health up to normal standards was so impressive. This was such a change from the normal see a doctor, get a prescription and not correct the cause. I am still in awe. Please feel free to use my bio or name for any references or testimonials. Remember I had cancer twice, a myocardial infarction and diabetes. Look at me now thanks to you. My weight went from 247 lbs to 177 lbs. You treated me like a family member and that is a trait you don’t find in many doctors or people you seek help from. Please do not change. We love you for who you are and what you have done.”

–Ted, Patient

“God bless you darling, precious Dr. Lu! I am so grateful for how you have turned around my health with Orenda and your other fine tuning of my system. I practically jump out of bed now in the mornings! And now that you have me in good health, I am losing weight almost miraculously on the HCG plan. Literally, with your magnificent help, I am transforming my whole life into a new and radiant person. No longer do I feel sometimes that my energy is a drag on the planet, but I live with a buoyancy that allows the magnificent power of the Universe to pour through me to bless all wherever I go. Thank you with all my heart!”

–Mike, Patient

“When I met Dr. Lu for the first time, I had high blood pressure in the stroke range, my blood glucose readings were dangerously high, my thyroid panel showed that I was hypothyroid, I was low in iodine, Vitamin D and my liver enzymes were seriously elevated, even though I do not drink and never have. I was clearly a mess and a serious medical event just waiting to happen. I was also about 125 pounds overweight.

After 8 weeks, my blood pressure is not only normal, it is better than it has been in 10 years. My blood glucose levels have dropped 175 points. My thyroid is starting to finally kick in and help my metabolism become more efficient. I have lost 27.5 pounds after 6 weeks of the HCG protocol.

My experience with Dr. Lu was phenomenal. I had reached a dead end with mainstream medicine. Every doctor I had ever been to prescribed medications for me that made me sick with unbearable side effects that I could not live with and interfered with everyday functioning. As an integrative medical doctor, Dr. Lu listened to me and did not force prescription drugs on me. Instead, she taught me how the body can heal itself and helped me further understand how the various issues I was dealing with interface and create medical problems.

Dr. Lu is the doctor that I have been looking for all my life. She has not only changed the course of my life, but has most likely also saved my life. I highly recommend her to everyone I know. I will sing her praises from the mountain tops for the rest of my days. Thank you, Dr. Lu, from the bottom of my heart.”

–Rita, Ph.D., Patient

“My first appointment with Dr. Lu was nineteen months ago. Since that time, to my great delight, she has helped me to improve the quality of my health and life beyond anything I had hoped. I was taking numerous pharmaceuticals, which I was unhappy about, to address issues related to Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia and atrial fibrillation. Today, with the exception of a low dose of Sinemet for the PD, I am free of the drugs. I sleep well, have improved energy, think more clearly and much reduced joint pain. I follow a regimen of supplements and bio-identical hormones that Dr. Lu has crafted after carefully monitoring many lab tests and my self reporting. I feel this regimen is very particular to my body and needs and not a “one pill fits all” approach.

What I’ve found in Dr. Lu is a partner in my journey to improved health. She cares deeply about healing and gives generously of her time to establish a relationship with her patients. In that relationship I feel there is mutual respect and a genuine dialog as we work together to find the best solutions to my problems. I am very grateful to be under Dr. Lu’s care.”

–Elizabeth, Patient