The mission of Mt. Shasta Integrative Medicine is to empower each individual to awaken the doctor within.

After 13 years in private practice in Mt. Shasta, California, Dr. Shanhong Lu MD, PhD, Owner and Medical Director of Mt. Shasta Integrative Medicine, has been operating her new practice since 2008.

This practice has been growing quickly and steadily, with its directed focus on:

  1. Addressing the root and possible causes of modern life issues
  2. Advocating true proactive and preventive approaches to help our patients and clients.

Since July 2011, Dr. Lu has been putting major effort into forming a holistic-practice team, who offer diagnostics for breast cancer screening, holistic massage therapy, holistic organic skin therapy, and IV therapies from a naturopathic physician.

True integration of both eastern wisdom and western medical science and technology provides the most noninvasive, cost effective and powerful healing in this stage of economy, stress and toxin laden world.

Welcome to Mt. Shasta Integrative Medicine and thank you for giving your body a chance to heal and live at its optimal potential.