Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Dr. Lu be my primary care physician?

A: Dr Lu specializes in internal medicine and Anti-Aging, and she is available as a consultant to help you and your primary care physician develop a plan of care designed especially for you. However, having limited office hours, she is available as a consulting physician only, not a primary care physician.

Q: How do I become a patient of Dr Lu?

A: Please complete the Intake Form on our website. Dr Lu will review it and we will contact you shortly to arrange your new patient appointment.

Q: Does Dr. Lu’s office bill my insurance?

A: We do not have the resources to bill private insurance in our office.

Q: How do I get reimbursement for my office visit?

A: We can provide you with a Super-bill which has the correct diagnostic and procedural codes so that you may be successful in submitting a claim for reimbursement from your insurance company to yourself.

Q: Will my insurance pay for Dr. Lu’s office visit charge?

A: Each insurance company and personal plan is different so we can not guarantee that your claim will be approved.

Q: What are Dr Lu’s fees?

A: New patient consultations are scheduled for 90 minutes; the fee for the initial visit is $300. For existing patients, follow-up visits (typically 30 minutes) are $100. Remote patients or especially complex patients may require multiple visits to fully cover their needs.  Dr. Lu is generous with her time, within reason, but will need to bill incrementally for long visits.

Q: Can Dr. Lu prescribe me pharmaceuticals for my chronic issues.

A: Dr. Lu does not maintain pain management or prescribe for chronic issues. Those should be maintained and monitored by your primary care physician.

Q: Can Dr. Lu treat me for acute illnesses or injuries?

A: Dr. Lu can recommend certain natural remedies for colds and flu like symptoms, how ever she does not prescribe antibiotics, and we do not have the facility to administer stitches or any other acute treatments.