Dr. Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD

Dr. Lu is a board certified internist and an integrative medical doctor with 13 years experience in private practice and integrative medicine. For more on Dr. Lu, visit the About Dr. Lu page.


Christine Savory, MA, CHT, Owner, age 64
The Anti-Aging and Wellness Center

Christine is spiritual alchemist and hypnotherapist who specializes in mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation and wellness. Her amazing techniques of clearing destructive memories, and utilizing Quantum Healing Hypnosis to access the soul’s intelligence has brought increased rejuvenation and health to her clients. Additional coaching sessions assist people to achieve their dreams.

Visit Christine’s Anti-Aging and Wellness website to begin your journey to a new life, and download a free copy of her book, Two Words That Change Everything.

Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, M.D.
Founder, HealingSpace, LLC

Named one of America’s “ground breaking doctors” by Chicago Magazine in 2005,
Physician and Healer Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, M.D. is an educator, speaker and health visionary.
For over 30 years Dr. Mitchell has been a key player in the field of integrative medicine and a passionate advocate for the importance of combining energy healing with traditional medical care, partnering with the medical community to establish guiding principles for the future of healthcare.

Carol Vallaire, CBT, CMT

Carol Vallaire,  Certified  Bowenwork, Craniosacral & Massage Therapist has been in private practice since 1989. She received her formal training & certification in massage & craniosacraltherapy from the Monterey Institute of Touch, Carmel, California. Carol is an active member of the Bowen Academy of Australia & The Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce.

“With cardiovascular disease, cancer & pharmaceutical drugs being the leading causes of death in the United States and the increasing levels of environmental toxins we are exposed to everyday, we  must focus on detoxifying our bodies and modulating our immune systems to protect us from the debilitating diseases of aging so that we may continue to live young and in wellness. My passion lies in helping to end the pain & suffering of all sentient beings.
For more information on Carol and her practice please visit mtshastahealingartscenter.com