“Focus On Health” by Dr. Lu, MD, PhD

It’s not the years in your life that count.
 It’s the life in your years!” –Abe Lincoln

After 13 years of practice in internal medicine—working with people with complex medical illnesses and age-related symptoms—I have come to realize that a highly integrative approach combining evidence-based, effective lifestyle intervention, cellular detoxification, natural hormone balance and restoration, and careful, selective use of pharmaceutical drugs provides the most cost-effective delivery of a health promotion / disease prevention system.

It is not complicated or expensive. It does, however, take great courage to open your mind, to widen your horizon, and to take responsibility for the choices you make in your life. It is not a comfortable journey and it does not work by simply taking magic pills.

 But when you do your best and see your body restored, balanced, and revitalized, you will be smiling and glad that you have listened, done your diligence, and made the changes.

The epidemic of weight gain and obesity in the United States—especially in younger and younger people—has generated predictions that members of this generation (those now age 35 and younger) might be the first in history to die younger than their parents!

I am very excited about integrating both Eastern wisdom and Western medical science and technology.

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that cancer has surpassed heart disease
as the leading cause of death for those 85 years of age and under in the US.

According to National Cancer Institute, greater than 80% of all cancer deaths are related to the use of tobacco products, to what we eat and drink, to exposure to sunlight and ionizing radiation, and to exposure to cancer-causing chemicals found in the environment and the work place.

 This demonstrates a huge potential for making lifestyle-related changes: we can decrease the risks and burden of diseases and if we build a strong immune system, we will most likely to do better even when we have the diseases.

More and older Americans are living short and dying long. According to AARP, people between ages 40-60 nowadays have more chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and obesity than their parents at the same ages.

As a physician, I definitely see the urgent need for more comprehensive, proactive, preventive, and non-invasive approaches to the disease process. We human beings are more unalike than we are alike.

Therefore, an individualized assessment of your genes and family history, your lifestyle, your antioxidant levels, your intracellular vitamin levels, your individual hormone levels and possible environmental toxic chemical burden will guide a physician to be more effective in a lifestyle-intervention program.

 By virtue of having heard it before, we all know what to do already: eat at least 10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day, avoid poor dietary choices, get regular physical exercise, avoid stress, love and respect yourself, etc.

If you are successful in all these areas, chances are you’re healthy already! If, like most of us, there is a disparity between what you know you should be doing and what you manage to fulfill on a daily basis, it’s a good time to look at your choices.

 Studying the connections between our genes, our hormones, environmental pollutants, and chronic daily stress gives us certain tools we can use to make simple lifestyle changes.

By adopting a regimen of vigorous and daily cellular detoxification, restoring natural hormone balance, and committing to a simple weight management program, we will be able to lower our risks of age-related diseases and be on our way to a healthy life filled with vitality, passion, and purpose.

To your health!

Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD

“The first wealth is health.
” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


Basic Life Style Awareness and Nutritional Supplementations for People Living in the 21st Century Challenged by Chronic Stress and Environmental Pollution:

1) American Cancer Society recommends at least 5 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables everyday. Can you honestly do it and can your kids do it?

If not, take Juice Plus (a Partner in Prevention with Center for Advancement in Cancer Education www.beatcancer.org). 1 green and 1 pink whole food Juice Plus capsules twice a day provide 17 servings of fruits and vegetables a day free of pesticides and herbicides

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2) Keep Omega 6 and Omega 3 in balance: supplement 2500 mg daily Omega 3 daily or take OmegaXL (100% pure Omega 3 with natural anti-inflammatory PERNA CANALICULUS additional to the benefits of Omega 3). Call 1-866-449-9679 (You can mention Dr. Lu’s patient or 1615 as ID number) or Call Dr. Lu’s office at 530-926-1000.

3) Take Vitamin D3 1000-2000 units daily at least if you live in North America Call Tid Health at 1-800-8242434 for liquid-D3 from Rx Vitamins: 1 liquid bottle at $16 per bottle will last one person’s supply for 2-3 years.

Get extra 10% discount with Dr. Lu’s referral. Taking your liquid D3 at night will help you sleep better too.

4) Take Extra Potent Antioxidant Superfood Oki Juice: Go to www.orenda.iact1.com/30929 for Oki (the original whole fruit Aronia berry together with 17 other superfruit blend) and Choki (the dark, chocolate blend with Aronia berry providing extremely potent bioflavanols). Isotonic OPC3: (pine bark, red wine extract, grape seed extract and grape skin) call Dr. Lu’s office at 530-926-1000.

Boost your intracellular glutathione: Go to www.maxgxl.com for the best glutathione supplement.

5) Daily cellular detox with Orenda Immune to remove environmental estrogens and xenobiotics at the cellular level.

Go to www.orenda.iact.com/30929 or call Dr. Lu’s office at 530-926-1000

6) Ensure natural deep sleep and maintain healthy pituitary function I recommend O-tropin
www.orenda.iact.com/30929), Melatonin (1 mg up to 15 mg or ask your doctor to measure your level)

7) Avoid long time close exposure to source of EMFs (cell phones, electrical clocks, cordless phones, hair dryer, microwave and other) and protect yourself with cell chips, universal chips, and personal pendant from Biopro.

Go to www.mybiopro.com/drlunoemfs or call 530-926-1000.

8) Avoid using paraben and other unnatural chemicals laden cosmetics and body and skin and hair care products.

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9) Clean your home with powerful non toxic natural enzyme based products by WOW Green. Go to ww.toxinfreehome.us and see the affordable way to get rid of chemicals in your home.

To Your Health!
Dr. Lu, MD, PhD