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Dr. Shanhong Lu is a third-generation female medical doctor. She grew up with two traditions of medicine: her grandmother was a Chinese medicine healer and her mom a top cardiologist and professor. She holds an MD, a PhD in Human Physiology, and a postdoctoral fellowship in Genetics of Hypertension. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and specialized in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. By integrating the wisdom of the East and the science of the West, Dr. Lu shares her passion for “empowering you to awaken the doctor within.”

After finding health, love, peace, and clarity upon a series of personal realizations, she speaks from her heart and leads one person at a time to join her on a path to better quality and enjoyment of life. She places strong emphasis on the journey of self-nurturing, the personal healing process, and the ever growing and changing nature of modern medicine. In her own words Dr. Lu says, “I’m not obsessed with being right all the time and I am not satisfied with the mere reduction of symptoms, I want to know what’s behind the problem and how we can make steps ahead of the sickness.”

She currently operates her own practice, Mt Shasta Integrative Medicine, travels the world giving lectures, and is currently working on an upcoming book. She is deeply in love with her life partner, loves bike riding, Nordic skiing, and enjoying all human experiences. She embraces solutions, positive attitudes, and courage to change.

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About The Show

“Vibrant Life” airs Wednesdays at 2PM Pacific on Voice America Health Radio

Genes raise the gun and environmental factors pull the trigger. These are turbulent times in human history: we live in a time of revolutionary changes, advances, insights, and discoveries. We also live in a time of unprecedented stress and a multitude of environmental alterations, both of which influence the way our physical, mental, and emotional body grow and age. As a result, our key systems, including the neuroendocrine, immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems, are all enduring less than optimal functionality.

Chronic diseases are becoming the norm of our society. Dr. Lu will discuss in lay terms how stress and toxins influence the function of the whole body, mechanisms our body has adapted to meet the demands of this new environment, and essential strategies that can save our lives and help our bodies return to vibrant living. Once we discover the root sources of disease and health, we can follow a simple path towards abundant health, peace, and clarity.