For those who have friends and families in Santa Barbara and Chicago who wish to see Dr. Lu, MD, PhD, as their anti-aging consultant (especially if they are interested in the Wiley protocol for sex hormones), please read the instructions below.

Please note, I do not take insurance of any kind. I can provide you with a super bill for insurance reimbursement if you would like to do the paper mailing yourself. Also, I am now “Opted- Out” of Medicare

New Patient Instructions

1) Download the Patient Intake Form located here: Please print out the PDF form and fax to our office at 530-926-3537. Please fax if you have, a list of any medications/supplements you are currently taking and any labs or test results done in the past year.

2) Please indicate if you would like to have Dr. Lu pre-order some regular labs. Please discuss inexpensive wholesale lab options with my office manager/receptionist at 530-926-1000.

3) Measure your basal body temperature for 7-10 days. Take first temperature under the arm in the morning before doing anything. If you are a woman who still has a period, measure your temperature from day 1-14 of your cycle.

4) Do a 24 hour urine iodine challenge test. Call the office at 530-926-1000 for instructions . We also encourage you to consider an Oligoscan when I am in your area. Oligoscan provides information on the spot on your tissues levels of 20 trace elements (including iodine), 14 common heavy metal levels, and Oxidative stress % as well as Ca/Ma, K/Na, Cu/Zn and Ca/P ratios. The cost is $100 and you get your reading within 20 seconds. To learn more about this revolutionary new technique, visit the Oligoscan page of our website.

5) For out of town patients who cannot make it to Mount Shasta physically, please call the office at 530-926-1000 to inquire when Dr. Lu may be traveling in your area. In order to serve as your physician, she must perform a physical exam.  Follow-up visits can generally be facilitated via phone.  We require and highly recommend that out of town patients have a primary provider in close-by area for medical emergencies and primary care.

6) Fee schedule for consultation:
• New Patient Consultations are $300 and typically will require 1-2 hours.
• Follow-up for existing patients varies with the duration of the visit.  Most visits in the office lasting 30-40 minutes: $100.  Brief visits & phone consulations lasting 15-10 minutes: $50.  More complex issues may require longer visits, which are billed in 15 minutes increments @ $50/15 min.
• We provide superbills for all patients who have medical insurances and patients are encouraged to submit the provided forms to obtain reimbursement.

I am actively looking for local like-minded physicians. I have found that it takes mutual trust and communication on many levels in order to find wonderful physicians so we can work as a team and do the best for our clients, with both open hearts and minds. Please contact me if this is of interest to you.