Vibrant Life: Restoring the Roots of Health will change the way we look at long-term health goals. By treating the root causes of disease and moving away from mere reduction of symptoms, the body will heal itself and thrive.  The human body and mind are facing transformational challenges unseen by any generations prior.  It is time we all listen and prepare inwardly and give this miraculous machine a chance.

Stress, modern chemical living, electropullution and increasing modern radiation are among the few top impacts on people living in  post industrialized society today.  This book will provide how to do simple steps to support normal physiological inherited processes to de-stress and detox.  You will also learn how superfood recharges this hard working energetic machine.

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  • The book cover

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  • Dr. Lu’s PowerPoint presentation representing the information in her soon to be released book.

This will provide a preview of what is to come from Dr. Lu’s extensive training and knowledge, which combines Eastern Wisdom with Western Technology. Her health program provides the best of both worlds.

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New Orenda Clean, Burn, Shape Program

Watch “Orenda Clean, Burn, Shape” video to learn more about this exciting new program!

New Orenda Clean, Burn, Shape Program is your path to a total body makeover. But for this to happen, there’s something you have to do: Follow the Program! The full program is 100 days and consists of our intense 10-day cleanse program to get your fat burning a jump start and three 30-day cycles during which you will transform before your very eyes.

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CleanBurnShap-IMG Orenda Clean assists in nourishing the body with nutrients that help in clearing out and detoxifying unwanted substances from your body.* As part of your initial 10 day program, Orenda Clean provides a quick jump start to fat burning and weight loss. Using Orenda Clean during “Intense Cleanse” days as part of your ongoing weight loss efforts, can help accelerate your results, and help you bust through plateaus.* Orenda Clean also helps reduce bloating, supports healthy inflammation levels, and supports detoxification and regularity.*

Orenda Burn Supports healthy after-meal glucose levels, supports the body’s ability to lose weight naturally, and supports a healthy lean mass to fat mass ratio.*

Orenda Shape helps you lose weight, particularly if you replace a meal with Orenda Shape every day. Shape also helps improve your digestion and regularity and reduce and replace junk food cravings. Orenda Shape is less expensive than common lunches and dinners (including fast food options), so it saves you money while delivering a monster dose of nutrition in every sip!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Awaken. Cleanse. Feed. Orenda offers designer products to address your inner most health desires; to look and feel youthful, to keep your powerful body clean and healthy, and to be well-nourished and rejuvenated for peak performance.

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Orenda O-Tropin contains a carefully selected blend of natural amino acids and herbs, in our unique delivery system. O-Tropin is recommended to anyone over the age of thirty who is serious about enjoying the prime of life. Watch video >>







Orenda Balance is an exquisite herbal formulation that comes in a convenient spray, so you can be sure to swallow the right amount. With powerful ingredients from around the world, Orenda Balance can help to boost your energy, soothe your nerves, and control those afternoon slumps. Its tart, tangy flavor makes it easy to take whenever you need it. Watch video >>







Orenda’s Anti-Aging Serum includes important moisture binding skin nutrients and skin conditioning agents encapsulated and delivered by Orenda’s advanced Perflorosome Technology. Watch video >>









Orenda Immune is a proprietary blend of three revolutionary immune support ingredients: Calcium D-glucarate, Muramyl Peptides, and Beta 1,3 Glucans. Orenda Immune provides a preemptive boost to your body’s natural defenses and supports detoxification from the inside out. This is the first and only product of its kind to address immunity at the cellular level, and the effects are profound. Watch video >>








Orenda All In One Female is an effective vitamin supplement not only made for women, but designed to significantly enhance the lives of the women who take it. Finally a multi-vitamin a woman can feel. Watch video >>







Orenda All In One Male is a vitamin supplement designed to cover all your needs. No longer do you need to spend countless hours and endless dollars trying to create a supplement program that works just for men. Watch video >>







Orenda All in One Young & Active has taken the guesswork out of nutrition. All in One Young & Active combines quality, quantity and exclusivity, creating the vitamin so good, you couldn’t have done it any better yourself. Watch video >>







Orenda Okí ( oh-kigh) is the first product of its kind to feature the aronia berry. Not afraid to take on the challenging flavor of this neglected fruit, Okí combines aronia with 16 other powerhouse botanicals including organic aloe vera, black currant, açaí, açaí powder, pomegranate, goji (wolfberry), noni, mangosteen, guava, apple, blueberry, pear, mango, and concord grape. Okí is robust, delicious, and is the most stylish way to stay healthy. Watch video>>







Digestive Help

Orenda Eaze is a blend of 31 of the most advanced and comprehensive digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics on the market today. The digestive enzymes in Orenda Eaze can support nutrient absorption, energy, and overall health, while the probiotics and prebiotics support and encourage healthy bacteria in the lower digestive system. Orenda Eaze brings all of these components together to ease occasional digestive discomfort and encourage natural, healthy digestion. Watch video>>






Awaken. Cleanse. Feed. Orenda offers designer products to address your inner most health desires; to look and feel youthful, to keep your powerful body clean and healthy, and to be well-nourished and rejuvenated for peak performance.

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Dr. Shanhong Lu Recommends!

bioDOT EMF ProtectionbioDOT  ̶ Personal Energy Harmonization
Protecting your vital energy for life in the wireless world, the bioDOT is programmed with powerful resonant Phi Technology®. The natural, coherent frequencies used in this programming harmonize your biofield. They remind your biofield of its optimal functioning state, making it more coherent and resilient. It is like recharging your battery, restoring and rebalancing your energy. Good energetic integrity is the best possible means of protecting your health in electromagnetically toxic environments.

Harmonize your energy field! Attach the bioDOT to any object you keep with you all the time, or place on a piece of jewelry or watch you wear often.

Please call the office at 530-926-1000 to order.



Laminine provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it the most.

Laminine is a natural, synergistic super food that contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals, all eight essential amino acids along with other nutritional elements. Laminine is nature’s most perfect food and the perfect combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant.

8 clinical tests have been conducted which showed Laminine’s positive effects on Physical, Mental, Emotional Strengths and Overall Health. Click Here to Order >>



CORE X SYSTEM – The patented Core X System was developed by Alex McKechnie, trainer to professional athletes. The Home Fitness System is designed to change your body by losing inches in your waist, hips, buns and thighs, by strengthening and toning your upper body, abs, core, and lower body. The use of X-effects resistance powerfully shapes lean muscles yet is easy and gentle on the body’s joints. The Core X System provides a full body workout in just minutes a day!

Core X System – Basic Includes

• Core X Trainer: Core X System Integrator with arm and leg attachments
• Core X System Lower Body Intensifier
• Core X System Diet and Nutritional Plan
• Core X System Quick Start Guide
• Alex McKecnhie’s 4×4 Xpress High Intensity Workout DVD
• Core X System Workout DVD instructed by fitness expert Lisa Austin
• Core X System travel bag

PRICE: $69.95

Call the office at 530-926-1000 to order

More advanced options and additional products also available on the Core X System website.



Iodoral is a special combination of iodide and iodine which help to saturate the tissues of the body with sufficient levels of iodine. It is a tablet containing 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide as the potassium salt. To prevent gastric irritation, the iodine/iodide preparation is absorbed into a colloidal silica excipient; and to eliminate the unpleasant taste of iodine, the tablets are coated with a thin film of pharmaceutical glaze. Click Here to Order>>


IodorxLugol’s the classic liquid iodine/iodide blend, is not well suited for oral administration, because dosing can be inaccurate, the unpleasant taste, and possible gastric irritation. IodoRxtablets are formulated in a base of ProSil-X™ (silicified microcrystalline cellulose) to prevent gastric irritation and are coated with a pharmaceutical glaze to eliminate the unpleasant taste of iodine, making them the best solution for your patients’ iodine supplementation. Click Here to Order>>



Iodine-PXIodine PX Iodine is a required component of thyroid hormones that is involved in metabolism as well as growth and development. Iodine PX provides essential minerals and nutrients for metabolism and thyroid function, plus essential thyroid hormone precursors, and helps regulate thyroid hormone levels. Supplying 7.5 mg of Iodine as Kombu extract, Iodine Px provides the major components of T3/T4 hormones. Iodine Px’s nutritional cofactors to support the organification of iodine and support the sodium-iodide symporter. Selenium is an essential component of the enzyme iodothyronine deiodinase which converts thyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3). Selenium may help to maintain thyroid hormone stability. Copper is included to help to control multiple hormone levels. Riboflavin is important for the production of FMN & FAD, activation of B6, conversion of tryptophan to niacin and conversion of folate to its coenzyme. Click Here to Order >>

 Thyroid Px is a balanced blend of nutrients and botanicals that is designed to support the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland while simultaneously maintaining healthy metabolic function. Thyroid Px helps optimize healthy thyroid function, normal body temperature and general metabolic rate. This formula can help stabilize thyroid peroxidase immunoglobulins which play a part in normal thyroid activity. The powerful antioxidants selenium and zinc, as well as the myrrh gum resin help neutralize free radicals that affect iodothryonine-5 monodeiodinase enzyme activity, which is involved in the conversion of T4 to the active T3 hormone. Click Here to Order>>



ThyroCare is designed to provide adjunctive herbal and nutritional support for the thyroid gland. It is useful for maintaining healthy thyroid function and maintaining healthy body temperature. ThyroCare is recommended instead of Thyroid Px for people who are sensitive to high levels of iodine. Click Here to Order>>




The Adrenal Px Balance products provide highly concentrated adaptogenic herbal support for adrenal function and are designed to reduce occasional fatigue, increase resistance to stress, and help maintain healthy cortisol levels (already within normal range) under stressful conditions. Adrenal Px Balance has more general indications than Adrenal Px L-BP.

Adrenal Px Balance Capsules have an equivalent concentration of herbs as in the syrup but come in a more convenient capsule form. The addition of the adaptogenic herbal extracts of Holy Basil and Rhodiola offer an enhanced calming effect on the nervous system along with providing adrenal support. Click Here to Order>>




kavinace3 Kavinace combines two powerful ingredients that together effectively address symptoms of stress, anxiousness, and sleep issues.* This formula contains the GABA derivative 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid, which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts as a GABAB agonist.*1 Kavinace also contains taurine, which functions as a calming amino acid.* Taurine is a GABAA agonist and may increase GABA levels by increasing synthesis, preventing breakdown, and blocking reuptake of GABA.*2-4 Kavinace also includes vitamin B6, an important cofactor for the synthesis of GABA.*    Click Here to Order>>




TravacorTravaCor provides support for the calming neurotransmitter system utilizing a unique combination of amino acids and vitamin and mineral cofactors.* It contains the amino acid L-theanine, which has been widely studied for its ability to produce a calming effect and prevent over-stimulation.* 5-HTP is included to support the production of serotonin, which is the precursor to melatonin.* This formula also includes taurine, which promotes GABA receptor activity.*1-3 TravaCor is recommended for anxious individuals, those with restlessness and/or low mood, and for those with difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.*   Click Here to Order>>





Daxitrol is a sophisticated blend of multiple ingredients that help reset the pleasure/reward pathway. Low dopamine levels stimulate the need for reward, which leads to cravings. Daxitrol attenuates this effect by providing L-DOPA and EGCG, which support healthy dopamine levels. Daxitrol also contains Huperzine A, which enhances the reward sensation by decreasing acetylcholine metabolism, and N-acetylcysteine to regulate glutamate for better control of craving triggers. In addition to dopamine, serotonin levels also influence cravings. Low serotonin levels have been linked to both increased food intake and an inability to delay gratification. Daxitrol includes 5-HTP for serotonin support. L-phenylalanine is included to promote cholecystokinin to support digestion and reduce food cravings. Forskolin promotes weight management as well by increasing cAMP levels and catecholamine activity.   Click Here to Order>>






readisorb melatonin

Readisorb Melatonin Spray

One spray has .5 mg of melatonin.

Vitamin B6 – Has a calming effect on the nervous system

Melatonin – Synthetic

Stevia – A natural sweetener with an insignificant effect on blood glucose levels.

Purified Water

Lecithin – The liposomes in ReadiSorb Melatonin Spray are derived from lecithin. The lecithin is an extract of soy oil, not protein.

Glycerin – Glycerin is used as a sweetener and preservative. It supports the stability of the liposomes and allows for the extended shelf life. Glycerin is a normal product of fat metabolism and is readily converted to glucose for metabolism.

Natural Fruit Flavor

Citric Acid – Citric acid is used as a flavoring and preservative.

Potassium Sorbate – A natural material used as a preservative to prevent yeast and mold growth. It is a form of sorbic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid which is easily metabolized in the body.  Potassium sorbate is used to preserve wine, baked goods and cheese.   Click Here to Order>>


b12sprayReadisorb B12 Spray

One spray has 500 mcg of Methylcobalamin.

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Stevia – A natural sweetener with an insignificant effect on blood glucose levels.

Purified Water

Lecithin – The liposomes in ReadiSorb MethylB-12 Spray are derived from lecithin.  The lecithin is an extract of soy oil, not protein.

Glycerin – Glycerin is used as a sweetener and preservative.  It supports the stability of the liposomes and allows for the extended shelf life. Glycerin is a normal product of fat metabolism and is readily converted to glucose for metabolism.

Natural Cherry Flavor

Citric Acid – Citric acid is used as a flavoring and preservative.

Potassium Sorbate – A natural material used as a preservative to prevent yeast and mold growth. It is a form of sorbic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid which is easily metabolized in the body.  Potassium sorbate is used to preserve wine, baked goods and cheese.    Click here to order>>



OMAPREM offers pain relief without the side-effects associated with prescription medications. Unlike the large and ‘fishy’ tasting fish oil capsule, OMAPREM is served in small, easy to swallow gel capsules, with no aftertaste. OMAPREM is pure and contains no levels of harmful toxins or PCBs that are sometimes associated with fish oil products sourced from other parts of the world. OMAPREM is all-natural, 100% safe and the one supplement you should be taking to lead a healthier and active life.  Click Here to Order>>




VelaquaVELAQUA is a state-of-the-art countertop water processor that brings you clean, mineral-rich, antioxidant-rich pH balanced alkaline water. Your body’s natural pH balance is slightly alkaline, and drinking water that has been processed with VELAQUA will help flush toxins and provide antioxidant defense. VELAQUA produces the smallest super hydrating water molecule cluster that is negatively charged and allows maximum nutritional absorption and water that has been processed with VELAQUA has great antioxidant power. This countertop water processing system is the ultimate investment in your family’s health.

SALE!  Regular price is $299, now you can get it for $200.  Please call the office at 530-926-1000 to order.






lugios_bothMother Earth’s LUGOL’S IODINE PLUS  in no ordinary Lugol’s Iodine product.

First – LUGOL’S IODINE PLUS incorporates the power of FULVIC to deliver Iodine to the cells where it needs to go in a more organic, ionic, cell-ready form.

Second – LUGOL’S IODINE PLUS also includes the important nutrients that assist our bodies to metabolize and use Iodine more efficiently.  These include Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, B Vitamins and others.  WITHOUT THESE OTHER NUTRIENTS, Iodine metabolism is impaired. Please call the office at 530-926-1000 to order.  Only $15.95. Buy 10 and get FREE shipping.




FGXpress Powerstrips  

powerstripsThese Pain Relief Power Strips combine three technologies:
1. A water-soluble adhesive delivery “strip” that is safe and natural. It is being recognized by very elite and respected medical communities.
2. A proprietary blend of herbs in a base of minerals and Marine Phytoplankton – responsible for cellular energy and health – helps rebuild, renew, revitalize regenerate and rejuvenate the muscles, tissues and cells at the deepest level. AND it comes from the Marine Phytoplankton from on Vancouver Island – amazing!
3. ENERGY! You can feel the difference. Power Strips utilize the benefits of a comfortable trans-dermal patch to create even, natural, and healthy energy in addition to additional fabulous benefits.
Besides being a great minor joint pain relief and also a great subtle back pain relief, these Pain Relief Power Strips are also great for external skin issues.  Click Here to Order>>


5425magnesiumlactateMagnesium Lactate by Standard Process contains magnesium to support cellular functions.

  • Promotes cellular energy production
  • Supports synthesis of essential molecules
  • Provides cofactor support for more than 300 enzymes
  • Supports ion signaling across cell membranes
  • Supports the ongoing activities of bone formation and resorption
  • Helps facilitate muscle contraction
  • Supports the body’s energy production, which is used by the central nervous, neuromuscular, and cardiovascular systems. Please call the office at 530-926-1000 to order.





This book is paBecomingReal3Dcked with information about what happens to your body in midlife and how to care for yourself during the second half of your life.

  • How does midlife make us vulnerable?
  • Understand how the body changes in midlife and how to evoke health and empowerment during this time of life and beyond.
  • How can women move through menopause safely and naturally?
  • Learn about Dr. Kumar’s innovative method of using bio-identical hormones for maximal benefit with minimal risk.
  • Also learn about about Dr. Kumar’s pioneering Four Body System™ framework for integrative diagnoses and treatment and her vision for how this can transform health care.
  • Join the 1 billion midlife women and men who are seeking a way to experience the second half of their lives with health and meaning.

Click here to Order>>




PCA             PCA 2oz (60mL)
Supports Natural Toxic Waste Elimination

Without knowing it, we go through life involuntarily collecting a variety of toxins, metals, poisons, chemicals, and other contaminants in our bodies. Everyday circumstances like the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and even the place each of us calls home can contribute to our “toxic load” and impact our overall health, commonly resulting in increased sensitivity, extreme fatigue and achiness.

Our bodies have built-in immune systems to process and remove these contaminants, but with all of our modern day chemicalized consumer products and highly processed foods, there are times our bodies could use a little help. Maxam’s PCA is the result of years of rigorous research and development to discover the most beneficial fermented micro nutrients to assist and support our bodies’ natural cleansing and detoxification response. Our PCA is a formula made up of natural beneficial gut bacteria that has processed natural organic food concentrates that then becomes a natural, living part of the body’s immunity to support these waste-processing systems.

Click Here to Order>>

PCRPCR 2oz (60ml)

Nutritional Support for Toxins Elimination (Phase II) with Alginates

The same cleansing support as PCA, but with a stronger focus on the detoxification of harmful radiation.

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xocai nuggets

xocai peanut butter cups

Did you know if you’re like the average person, you eat about 12 pounds of chocolate per year? The problem with that is that most people are eating the “regular” unhealthy chocolate that has been stripped of its antioxidants and other vital nutrients.

That’s what makes Xoçaí Healthy Chocolate so different and so healthy!

Click Here to Order>>

As the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve lives worldwide through its unique and healthy chocolate products.

One such unique element is XoVita, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai.

This proprietary and exclusive high-antioxidant blend is included in Xoçai products and provides a wide-ranging class of nutrients and health benefits. XoVita& trade; consistently contributes to Xoçai products being the highest ORAC (antioxidant-measuring test) and flavonoid rich products available today.  Click Here to Order>>


Neo40Neo40® Daily is scientifically developed for the nutritional maintenance of healthy nitric oxide levels. Research shows that nitric oxide production declines with age. Neo40 Daily is a supplement designed to promote healthy levels of this crucial signaling molecule. Healthy nitric oxide levels may facilitate maintenance of optimal blood pressure and, as a recently published clinical trial suggests, Neo40 Daily supports optimal triglyceride levels. A highly synergistic combination of nutrients facilitates increased production of nitric oxide. One of nitric oxide’s major functions is to cause relaxation and widening in the blood vessels; helping to promote proper blood flow. The normal process of aging, exposure to free radicals, and many other factors contribute to declines in nitric oxide production and can significantly impact health.*  Click Here to Order>>


Neo40 Professional

Neo 40® Professional is a clinical strength version of the patented Neo 40 daily, available exclusively to medical professionals, with
increased potency and improved efficacy for use under medical supervision.

This new formulation was designed for patients with more advanced conditions or health challenges who may benefit from an increased level of N-O support. Neo 40 Professional contains 100% Methylcobalamin (B12) and adjusted ratios of the Proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend. Added to the formulation is the naturally occurring, biologically active form of folate (5-MTHF) for additional benefit to the endothelium.  Click Here to Order>>